We admit it. Lovethywall.com is preparing for Christmas. In mid-October. However, if you’re a retailer, this will be no surprise, as with Tesco stuffing their aisles with tinsel already, us smaller enterprises need to start thinking what we’ll be decking the shelves with ourselves. If you’re a homeware, gift or just-lovely-things retailer, then we have just the fabulous Art Nouveau gifts for you!

New stockists welcome

Lovethywall.com has a range of beautiful, high quality prints that are both totally timeless (pretty ladies will never go out of style) and in keeping with current interior trends – let’s be honest, our obsession with The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey shows no signs of receding. They’re all taken from a collection of vintage magazines published in the very centre of all that is beautiful and Art Nouveau, Paris. They’re lovingly retouched only where necessary, and printed on high quality matt paper. And they could appear on your shelves as soon as next week.

La Vie Parisienne Print by Leonnec

We have both unframed and framed prints, and hold stocks of all those prints listed on our e-commerce pages. If you’d like to stock any of our lines we can provide you with small quantities initially to see if your clientele love them as much as we do, and have them delivered to you within 3 working days (or possibly even quicker if you’re in our local area of East Anglia).

Gift credentials

Our customers largely buy online, but we do occasionally meet them too at local events – and the thing we most often hear them say is, “that’d be a lovely present for Mum / Emma / Auntie Ethel”! On this very (very) basic level of market research, it’s clear our lovely prints make excellent gifts. However our handful of local stockists have backed this up, saying our prints are often chosen as something lovely for ladies and gents who’re hard to buy for.

Lovethywall.com is therefore looking for stockists who’d like a piece of the “what on earth do I get for…?” market… And anybody who’s ever been Christmas shopping knows one of those people! So don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or on 01702 712435 to discuss our Parisian ladies appearing in your shop.

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